Ali and his Paua shell jewellery.

Beautiful New Zealand Paua Shell!

If you have visited SHINE GIFTS  at the Waterfront or SHINE at Cullen Bay in the last two weeks you will have noticed some lovely new Paua Shell jewellery as well as large whole Paua Shells – the colours are amazing!  I just wanted to let you know where this came from!  One day, earlier this year, Ali visited my shop at the Waterfront. He was in Darwin looking for work.  We got talking and he told me that he is a jeweller and that he and his young family USED to have a shop in Christchurch – until the earthquakes.  And you think retail in Australia is bad!  In Christchurch it is non-existent!  I love Paua shell and thought many of you would also.  I received my first shipment from Ali a couple of weeks ago – the jewellery is stunning!  I have added a few photos to this story, and will put the whole range on the website in the next couple of days so you can have a look and buy it on-line if you wish.  Ali is also sourcing some Jade for SHINE GIFTS – I just can’t wait!


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