Let us introduce you to a world full of gift ideas along with updates on what’s happening in the SHINE universe … Champagne Shopping, Fashion Shows, Make-up nights, novel gifts. We will keep you posted.


I am not sure that Champagne Shopping originated at SHINE GIFTS!  But I believe it began at SHINE, Cullen Bay several years ago when SHINE was asked to help with fund raising for Variety – the children’s charity.  We invited customers and their friends, and our friends and their friends – and they brought along their friends!  We had discounts, lucky door prizes, donations and a percentage of SHINE profits went to Variety!  It was a great night and very successful! As a reward for people’s generosity SHINE GIFTS put on free champagne for all! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FUND RAISING IDEAS – CONTACT SHINE GIFTS!

What eventuated from this was irregular Champagne Shopping nights at SHINE, Cullen Bay – sometimes for special events such as Christmas, sometimes because we had excess stock and rewarded those attending with great discounts and – oh yes, a glass (or two) of champagne!  Sometimes we held Champagne Shopping because particular groups such as The Ioanians, The Red Hat Ladies,The Bridge Club requested Champagne Shopping for their  members and we have had individuals asked for a function because it was someone’s birthday.  Then, if we slackened off a bit and hadn’t had Champagne Shopping for a while our lovely regular customers would ask “When are you having Champagne Shopping again?”

So, how does it work?  CHAMPAGNE SHOPPING is really our DISCOUNT NIGHT!  SHINE GIFTS does not have continual sales and specials!  SHINE GIFTS prides itself in reasonable pricing and, although asked occasionally for a discount, we try not to discriminate and so ask people to be reasonable and pay the marked price. But, on Champagne Shopping days – the discounted prices can be huge!  For example the beautiful Hearts and Roses dresses, which normally sell at around $95 are all $60.  There is often 10% off store-wide, or off particular lines – such as Shine’s unique wall art.  There are always heaps of specials – there is a specials table starting at $2, ladies fashions from $0211 - Black Red Big Dot Dress10 and just heaps of bargains to be had.  2-P71823103-P7282344

Okay – I hear you!  You do not live in Darwin and therefore can’t attend CHAMPAGNE SHOPPING!  Don’t despair!  Do you like our new Website?  I know, there are not many products on it at the moment, but there will be!  And there will be  a SPECIALS section, where we will have wonderfully discounted items that can be purchased on-line.  Some of these will be exclusive to our on-line shoppers.  Please keep checking the site – it is being worked on!

PLUS, every time there is Champagne Shopping at SHINE, everyone has to chance to go in the draw for our lucky door/on-line prize.  This week it is this lovely locally made pearl and diamante bracelet! To go in the draw for this prize you will have to email Anne.  Just cut and paste into an email and write Pearl Bracelet in the subject line. Good Luck!P3142553